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How to turn your home into a music venue…for a night.

A couple months ago I got really motivated to travel.  Not just “regular” motivated, but motivated like a SUPERWOMANWARRIOR who was ready to perform ANY FEAT in order to get out of the state of Kansas, quite literally.  I’m a Sagittarius which apparently means my blood will boil in apathetic slime if I am not trekking around the globe with my bow and arrow (or, should I say, bow and fiddle).  My last trip was to visit my dad in North Carlolina, but before that it had been 9 sad, long months since I’d last packed my bags.  GASP! Read more

20 Things I wish I’d learned in music school….

I will never forget the time that, after 4 years of being a conservatory music student, I walked into my advisor’s office and said, “What kind of jobs do music students get after they graduate?” My advisor replied, “Most of our music students get entry level corporate jobs.”  I wish she had told me that BEFORE I forked over 40K to get that answer.  I left her office, feeling lost and confused, wondering what I could possibly do after all the theory exams and juries were over. Read more


Busking.  Its something I’ve never done until just recently.  A friend of mine asked me “What if another musician you know sees you?”  I took that “what if” along with me to my first morning playing at the City Market last Saturday.  It activated my anxiety on the car ride there and as I carried my folding chair and my old fiddle case to my spot.  There were all these people going about their business buying vegetables and standing in line at food trucks and I was supposed to just set up in the middle of everyone and start playing.  And what if someone saw me?  There was no where to hide. Read more